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Coordinated by Ecoserveis, the Climatubers project aims to use the participatory video (PV) approach mostly in European vulnerable communities, in order to showcase the social inclusion dimension of climate change at European level, working through tangible examples at the local level in five different countries.

Join our international community of influencers for change!

The project will work with local communities to:

  • Identify how environmental issues and climate change effects can lead to deeper inequalities and increased vulnerability of some social groups.
  • Imagine possible futures
  • Show how vulnerable communities are affected by these using their own narratives and voices.
  • Engage these vulnerable communities in producing a participatory video for describing the situation.
  • Empower them in digital communication and dissemination aspects of the films as an overall process of empowerment to defend their views against other social agents.

Through the use of PV and online-based dissemination campaigns, the beneficiaries will acquire new digital skills related to the creation of visual contents, storytelling, and online dissemination and communication.

See below our YouTube videos (a playlist with 17 PV produced videos at the top, and 4 consortium videos below). Enjoy! 

A playlist of the Participant-Created videos (PV)
Videos created by our consortium members (“behind the scenes”)

Climatubers: influencers for change