Climatubers news #3: consortium video, project press and presentation!

Exciting project updates

Welcome to the third Climatubers newsletter! As a reminder, we are an Erasmus+ project, working with participatory video in European vulnerable communities, to showcase the social inclusion dimension of climate change.

At our last newsletter, we presented all the participatory videos from the communities in the project’s five countries. Now, it is time to hear some updates from the consortium partners themselves! We have a video interview from the Ajuntament de Granollers, some media attention of local outlets concerning their project, and we will also talk about a presentation that our partner ZSI is doing at an academic conference. Let’s go!

The video is an interview that Endurae took from Granollers concerning the progress of their project process and their planned activities. It is interesting to see activities beyond the project and the enhanced participation of the communities in them. You can watch the video below:

Media attention

The activities of Granollers also attracted the interest of the local press!

A related article, including several embedded project videos too, was included in the Xarxanet online portal, which specialises in non-profit activities and is supported by the local government (Generalitat de Catalunya). You can read the article at the link below (in catalan):

Additionally, the project was featured at the local TV program, and specifically at the show Via 15 of the channel Betevé. Via 15 is coproduced by 15 local stations of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, where Betevé is a local TV station. The show of 15 Dec 2022 was titled “Generació (Z) compromesa”, namely “Committed Generation Z”. You can watch the show at the link below (in Catalan):

Academic presentation

But there’s more! Our research and evaluation partner ZSI is presenting a poster with insights from the implementation & evaluation of the #participatoryVideo method in @climatubers on Feb 22nd at the 12th annual Sustainability Psychology Preconference:
The Participatory Video Method for Making Silent Climate Voices Heard. Insights From Implementation and Evaluation

Find more about the event here:

We plan more publications related to the evaluation of the project, so watch this space! Until then, you can read the interview they did with us for the previous newsletter.

That’s it for this newsletter! We will come back with news from more partners next time. Subscribe and follow us on our social to receive more from us. Until then, share your climate story!