Climatubers news #5: Online Course, EU Video Map and Final Conference!

Welcome to the fifth Climatubers newsletter! As a reminder, we are an Erasmus+ project, working with participatory video in European vulnerable communities, to showcase the social inclusion dimension of climate change.

This edition includes news about two significant results of the project, the development of the Climatubers Online Learning Modules, the implementation of the EU Video Map and the announcement of the Climatubers final conference. Let’s go!

Climatubers Online Course

Exciting news! We’re proud to present the Climatubers free Online Course on deploying the Participatory Video approach for tackling climate change. The course is structured in 10 comprehensive learning modules and is available in 6 languages: English, Catalan, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It also provides free additional resources on the video-making process. 

With all this material prepared by the Climatubers consortium, this course guides you through organising participatory video experiences that drive climate action and foster social inclusion. 

Enroll in the course today to be able to empower your community through Participatory Video for climate action. 

You can read the details about how to access the Online Course at the link below:

Climatubers Interactive EU Video Map

We are thrilled to share with you the Climatubers Interactive EU Video Map! This serves as a powerful tool, allowing you to explore the diverse video creations from different communities based on their location. Through these videos, you can gain valuable insights into their unique perspectives, experiences, and the actions they are taking to tackle climate change. 

The EU map integrates all the produced Climatubers videos i.e., the videos that were created by the Climatubers under the supervision of the project partners, but it is also designed to host videos that will be produced by other initiatives led independently or initiated thanks to the use of the Climatubers Online Course to replicate the methodology produced by the project. 

Immerse yourself in this interactive map and discover the inspiring stories and community-driven initiatives. With the Climatubers Video Map, you can gain a broader understanding of the multifaceted nature of Climate Change and how communities across Europe are actively responding to its impacts. 

You can access the EU Video Map at the link below: 

Climatubers Final Conference

We are excited to announce our Final Conference that will be about innovative methodologies for education and climate action. 

The conference will take place on November 24th at 9:45 am at Espai Jove Fontana, Barcelona (C/ Gran de Gràcia, 190) and online.  

The agenda of the event features case studies, lessons learned and a policy brief from the Climatubers project to explore the impact of the Participatory Video approach on inclusivity and amplifying the voices of local communities. 

Opportunities and challenges will be discussed in a round table with experts and decision-makers that will welcome questions from the public. This will be an opportunity to bring together decision-makers, experts, practitioners, and the public to explore the transformative potential of Participatory Video in addressing climate change, promoting sustainability, and fostering social inclusion. Finally, a working session will be organised to identify and overcome together the challenges of the implementation of the Participatory Video methodology. 

The event offers a unique opportunity for professionals, educators, activists, and anyone interested in climate action to learn, engage, and network. You are all invited! Free registration to the conference can be done using the following link: For questions and information requests, please, contact 

Join us in finding a place for innovation in education and climate action! 

That’s it for this newsletter! We will come back with news from our ongoing activities and results next time. Subscribe and follow us on our social to receive more from us. Until then, share your climate story!