Other Results

This page gives you access to scientific papers, articles, and public deliverables from the Climatubers project. Explore these materials to understand the project’s strategies, actions, and successful outcomes. It’s a valuable resource for insights into how the project was developed and achieved success, providing valuable information for replicating the project and create your own participatory video experiences with you community.

Scientific Papers and Articles

  • Koller, K., Kapros, E., Lindorfer, M., Koutsombogera, M. (2023). A Case Study of Participatory Video as Teaching Digital Storytelling Against Climate-Driven Inequalities. In: Dascalu, M., Mealha, Ó., Virkus, S. (eds) Smart Learning Ecosystems as Engines of the Green and Digital Transition. SLERD 2023. Advances in Sustainability Science and Technology. Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-99-5540-4_12

  • Katharina Koller, “The Participatory Video Method for Making Silent Climate Voices Heard. Insights From Implementation and Evaluation.” 12th annual Sustainability Psychology Preconference, online. [article] [poster]


This document includes all the contents and procedures used for creating and performing the internal training sessions and workshops of the facilitators that worked eith local participants in the creation of participatory videos. It also includes the conclusions of the discussions on pedagogical approaches for accompanying the local teams.

This document includes the different engagement strategies used for reaching and motivating the participatation of local target groups in each of the Climatubers pilot countries.

This document gathers the work done by Climatubers to prepare and perform the Participatory Video workshops aimed at local participants. You’ll find on the first part the essentials of what we have designed and how we recommend to run these workshops. The second part collects the whole extent of the workshop outlines and supporting documents used by the partners.

This document presents the 19 videos produced by the different Climatubers pilots and includes all the links to the Climatubers YouTube channel where they have been published.

This document includes the communication strategy used by each Climatubers pilot team to disseminate the Participatory Videos produced by the local participants. It includes: the guidelines for supporting the participants in disseminating the videos and screening them publicly, 5 regional strategies of dissemination, and an analysis of the impact of the tools and actions used to keep track of successful strategies.

This document contains the project’s overall performance evaluation, considering the participants’ perspective, the achievement of objectives within the time and budget constraints and the obtained lessons learned.

This document presents the 10 online learning modules produced as part of a Participatory Video course aimed at teachers, educators, social workers, NGOs, and others interested in creating Participatory Video projects within local communities.

This document lists the six recommendations for policymakers and decision-makers at the EU and local levels, taken from the lessons learned and experiences from the Climatubers project.

This document lists eight strategies for policy and decision makers at EU and local level to tackle social and climate issues through Participatory Video.