Policy Recommendations and strategies

The Climatubers project has produced a series of policy recommendations and long-term strategies aimed at policymakers and decision-makers with the aim of guiding them in the creation and implementation of policies aimed at tackling climate change and social inclusion through the Participatory Video methodology.

These recommendations and strategies are the result of 3 years of experience and lessons learned in the use of Participatory Video for climate action and social inclusion in the Climatubers’ tested pilots.

They are aligned with specific EU initiatives and policy instruments like the Social Climate Fund under the European Green Deal, the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Education for Climate Initiative, the Pillar of Social Rights, as well as the National Adaptation Plans at the national level.

Policy Recommendations

This document lists the six recommendations for policymakers and decision-makers at the EU and local levels, taken from the lessons learned and experiences from the Climatubers project.

The policy recommendations address several target groups in the fields of policy, education, and social services and provide guidance for promoting and upscaling Participatory Video using a holistic perspective for raising awareness about climate change, promoting social inclusion for all communities, and improving digital skills. In this sense, Participatory Video is proposed as a means to reach the intended goals.

Long-term strategies to cross-merge social and climate challenges

This document lists eight strategies for policymakers and decision-makers at the EU and local levels to tackle social and climate issues through Participatory Video.

These strategies aim to address climate change effects holistically at the local level while replicating PV in diverse contexts, departments, and actions, with the purpose of cross-merging social and climate issues.