About ClimaTubers

Climatubers intends to link digital technologies with social action, in this case to foster action to tackle the emerging challenge of climate change-driven inequalities. Climatubers will use the Participatory Video (PV) methodology to lead digitally excluded groups and youth from vulnerable areas on articulating narratives around climate change-driven inequalities, and on producing and disseminating a video explaining their story.

PV is a methodological approach in which a group of individuals create a film on an issue of interest or concern, deciding what is important to include and how they wish to be represented. The idea behind PV is to empower communities by accompanying those into the process of identifying their own difficulties related to the climate change consequences, and proving support for telling the story to other social agents.

“the idea behind Participatory Video is to empower communities”

PV makes prominent the process, and while identifying their vulnerability to climate change, the participants learn new skills for using a video-camera, editing software, audio-visual online storage and sharing, storyboard creation, and digital storytelling (infographics, memes, comics, social networks, online polls, etc.). Narratives showing how climate change entails an increase of social inequalities are still to be built and mainstreamed to permeate into the public debate and translate into climate policies that incorporate a social inclusion approach. The project intends to upscale experiences with PV implemented in developing countries to showcase the social inclusion dimension of climate change in Europe.

Through the use of PV and online-based dissemination, the beneficiaries will acquire new digital skills related to the creation of visual contents, storytelling, and online dissemination and communication. The project also intends to promote the use of PV for acknowledging climate-driven inequalities by transferring knowledge and pedagogical approaches to educators, youth and social workers and decision-makers.

Project ID:400621393Call:EACEA-34-2019

“Narratives showing how climate change entails an increase of social inequalities are still to be built and mainstreamed”