ClimaTubers is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Ecoserveis, with 6 keen and enthusiastic partners from 5 countries.

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Summary table of ClimaTubers partners; click on the link below each logo to see information for each partner. The order of the partners is random.


Partner description:

Asociación Ecoserveis (Spain — Coordinator) is a non-profit organisation specialised on tackling the social aspects of energy and climate. It has been working at the local and international level to promote sustainability since 1992 and is a leading reference in energy culture in Spain. As part of its work, Ecoserveis has successfully implemented more than 30 EU projects.

Ecoserveis works at the intersection between environment and society in the fields of climate change, energy and environmental assessment to both provide solutions to interested stakeholders in the field of environmental protection and to approach the scientific-technological field to society.

Project role:

Regarding Climatubers, Ecoserveis will be the project coordinator.

Ecoserveis will also participate in the implementation of the pilot project in Spain, with the Municipality of Granollers, by providing support and contacts through all the foreseen activities.

Finally, Ecoserveis will provide relevant knowledge to all the consortium due to their expertise in working with vulnerable groups on energy issues, on social research related to energy, on participative strategic planning and in making use of the Participatory Video methodology for addressing social issues.


Partner description:

The ZSI – Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH (Centre for Social Innovation) (Austria) is a non-profit scientific institute founded in Vienna in 1988. By working in science and praxis, it systematically links research with application. ZSI has a lot of experience in implementing and/or coordinating diverse types of projects. In 2019, its approximately 71 staff members worked on 116 projects in 7 different funding programmes. ZSI is broadly divided into three units: Work and equal opportunities (A&C); technology and knowledge (T&W) and research policy and development (F&E).

The main areas of research of the department of “work and equal opportunities” at ZSI, where this project will be embedded, are social inclusion and employment. Projects developed and implemented in the thematic area of social inclusion focus on, among others, participation and inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups such as immigrants and refugees, pupils at the risk of early school leaving, people with basic education needs etc. Projects focussing on the other main area of interest of this department, employment, examine among others, innovative employment policies as well as the changing labour market and work environments.

Project role:

In the project ClimaTubers, ZSI will on one hand implement the pilots in Austria and on the other hand develop and implement an evaluation strategy to assess whether the goals of the projects will be met through the pilots. ZSI will also be involved in the other work packages by providing relevant input.

Hespul Association

Partner description:

Hespul (France) is an internationally recognised not-for-profit organisation that promotes the energy transition through technical, educational and social activities. Initially focused on grid-connected PV through ten EC-funded projects, Hespul’s approach now focuses on 3 objectives: anticipating the energy transition through innovation and experimentation, co-developing solutions with stakeholders and building awareness by making the energy transition both doable and desirable.

We are now a team of almost 40 persons. We are members of many networks about energy transition and environmental education in France (CLER, RAC, negaWatt, GRAINE, Maison de l’Environnement…).

Project role:

In this project, Hespul will contribute to:

  • All operational aspects at our local level in France and upscaling in France.
  • Share with the consortium our experience and knowledge about:
    • Energy and climate pedagogy;
    • Behaviour change;
    • Engaging youth in debates;
    • The role of imagination in the transition
  • Disseminate the deliverables and results of the project through our communication tools (social media, newsletters, and websites) and networks we are part of (transition energy networks at national, regional and local level as well as environmental education networks).
  • As a WP leader, ensure the good follow up of the work, and that the needs of the partners are met in order to implement the WP properly.

Endurae OÜ

Partner description:

Endurae Voice Technology OÜ (Estonia) is a private, for-profit SME, incorporated in Estonia. Founded in 2018, it is a learning experience design studio and consultancy. The activity of the SME to date has been twofold: (a) as a consultancy for partners who desire to build new or enhance existing engaging and interactive learning experiences in their offerings, and (b) assists partners who have the technological capacity to develop their own learning experiences by designing appropriate scenarios, user flows, and interactions, especially for privacy-related domains, such as education or other learning applications.

Project role:

Endurae will lead Communication and Dissemination activities by defining, and co-implementing with the rest of the consortium, a solid communication and dissemination strategy and establishing the project’s communication channels. It will ensure efficient internal and external communication flows and pursue the project’s visibility through awareness-raising activities. Most importantly, it will define most efficient activities to reach out to target groups, but also monitor the impact of the communication activities to identify gaps or further needs.

Granollers City Council

Partner description:

Granollers City Council (Spain) is the government of a municipality of 61.275 inhabitants’ in the metropolitan region of Barcelona. Granollers is the capital city of the Vallès Oriental County, at 30 km from Barcelona city center. Granollers is an active services centre but with many industries still witnessing its prosperous industrial past. The municipal land hosts a Barcelona-Catalonia racing track for Formula 1 and MotosGP championships.

Granollers has been proposed as partner because of its leading initiatives in applying innovative solutions for better and liveable urban environment including coordinated action in the energy, mobility and urbanism.

Granollers has a wide range of planning and regulatory tools in force managing the energy / mobility / urbanism sectors: an Urban Master plan in force up to 2032, a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan currently under review, a municipal Strategic Plan up to 2025, an ordinance of Solar Energy (since 2003), a Water Savings ordinance (since 2007), a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (2009), an Climate Change Adaptation Master Plan (2015), a Green Infrastructure ordinance (2013), a Landscape Master plan (2011).

Project role:

The Climatubers – Influencers for Change project means then a continuation of the municipality work on engagement and social cohesion strategies with youth and with energy transition and climate action, developed through EYES Erasmus+ project (2019-2021). The project will be implemented by Granollers municipality with the collaboration of Ecoserveis. The implementation of local actions and its financial management will be in charge of Department of Environment in coordination with Education, Youth and Communication departments and the Fab Lab of Roca Umbert Arts Factory in Granollers (RU-FA). Specifically, the creative industry line of RU-FA promotes business initiatives in the territory linked to the creative sector and with special interest in the audiovisual industry.

TDM 2000 International

Partner description:

TDM 2000 International (Italy) is an independent non-profit umbrella organization, born in 2008, whose aims endeavour to foster cooperation through the institution of an extensive European network of well-established youth NGOs. Currently we count 30 members in 23 countries. Each member contributes towards a broad spectrum of experience in creating, evolving and implementing innovative educational projects in Europe and overseas.

Our NGO is run by volunteers and professionals from different backgrounds, excels in training and coaching, project management, intercultural communication, fundraising and advocacy, lobbying and policy-making, especially at international level.

Project role:

TDM2000 will upscale the project in Italy.

They will also provide their expertise in working with youth, from the engagement phase, to the training and adaptation of pedagogical approaches, creation of incentives, and dissemination.

TDM2000 will be the leader of WP – PARTICIPATORY VIDEOS SHARING and will collaborate in all the other work packages with their cross-cutting knowledge.

TDM2000 will also collaborate in the dissemination at EU level of the project concept and outputs, thanks to their network with other European youth associations, and foster replication and uptake of the outputs.

They will provide their expertise and knowledge regarding the youth-related policies in order to incorporate recommendations on them, ad will also provide the young peoples’ perspectives for recommendations in other policy areas.