Video Map

Interactive map to upload and store all the videos made during and after the project on climate-driven inequalities. Want to put yourself on the map? Send us an email at with details of your project and links to your videos.

Navigate the map at the EU level or by country from the links at the table below. You can move around, zoom in, and click on the cards to see more information about a video, or watch the video itself. You can click on the dots to find more about a partner organisation. All the data are openly available as a .geojson file for you to include in your own maps.

EU LevelSpainFranceItalyAustriaEstonia

EU level video map

Spanish video map

French video map

Italian video map

Austrian video map

Estonian video map

Open Data

Here you can find the data in .geojson format to make your own map!

EU Level data

Spanish data

French data

Italian data

Austria data

Estonian data

If you are just starting with the GeoJSON format, it is worth checking its Wikipedia page, as it is a good starting place. Happy mapping!